The Partick Duck Club, Glasgow

This place is next level. God tier. Other worldly. Last supper material.


I’m hungry even thinking about what we ordered…

Fried Macaroni Cheese, Truffle Oul & Parmesan

I am a huge fan of macaroni cheese – this is clear to those who have followed me for a while, and for my parents who raised me on it! Deep fried macaroni cheese balls are overrated crap in my opinion – nowhere else has actually managed to nail them properly. They’re always a bit dry and bland – still edible and enjoyable, but they aren’t what I ever hope they’ll be. Well my friends, the tide isn’t turning, IT HAS TURNED. Partick Duck Club have absolutely nailed the deep fried macaroni cheese balls – these are the cheesiest, gooeyiest, most wonderful balls of heaven ever! You won’t find a better macaroni cheese ball, believe me!

Look at that GOO! The dip is very rich and spicy, and the extra Parmesan on the top is just them showing off. They were so dreamy.

Duck fat fries loaded with honey mustard mayo, crispy bacon & spring onions

I absolutely love loaded fries, and these are some amazing ones. The key to a perfect portion of loaded fries is what you get here: super crispy fries, plenty sauce which filters to all levels and the same for the toppings!

The Duck Club Bun

This is actually served as a brioche bun burger, but we actually removed the top half and ate it as an open sandwich. The top of the brioche bun was rendered useless as the bottom half was piled up so high with spiced BBQ duck, pomegranate mayonnaise, coriander, pickled cabbage and a runny poached egg! It was too tall to eat as a bun, but I wouldn’t have it any other way truth be told! The duck was so tender and immensely flavoured.

Avocado on sourdough topped with spinach, crème fraiche, tomato chutney with barrel aged feta & dukkah

When I ordered this, I thought to myself “Ooooh Ramsay’s streaky bacon is an option! I love their stuff! Oh oh oh, and a poached egg!” This is me thinking this is a normal avocado toast, not the absolute BEAST that was served! I nearly died at the size of the portion!

And I, of course, regret absolutely nothing at all! This was the most stunning avo roast I’ve ever eaten, and there were so many gorgeous flavours and textures that it nearly moved me to tears eating it, ha! The one stand out ingredient is the barrel aged feta – my oh my, that is the best of gear! Truly the most stunning feta I’ve eaten both due to its rich flavour and crumbly texture.

I can hand on heart say this was not only flawless, but truly perfect. I cannot fault a single thing and I feel like EVERYONE has to go here and just spoil yourself. You deserve it.


Partick Duck Club, 27 Hyndland Street, Partick, glasgow, G11 5QF




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