The Radhuni – Loanhead, Edinburgh

AD| Gifted meal

I absolutely LOVE Indian food, so I was very excited to be invited to try the menu at The Radhuni. I was invited during Veganuary, and despite the fact that Indian cooking is probably the best cuisine to lend itself to vegetarian and vegan diets, I decided to wait until February so I could enjoy all the yoghurt, meat and ghee that I love so much!

My favourite part of eating Indian food has to be the very beginning – poppadoms. The Radhuni serves it very slightly differently to anywhere I’ve been before and I must say, I think this is my favourite. A lot of places go for the sweet spiced onions, whereas their red and brown onions are mixed with diced cucumber and coriander and no sauce coating it. It is a seriously fresh mixture. Coupled with their sour lime pickle and sweet mango chutney, it was phenomenal. I really, really enjoyed it!

Chicken Lollipops

Keralan spiced chicken drumsticks – in terms of describing it to you I’ll just say that it’s what it says on the tin! These tasted lovely, but there wasn’t enough meat on them for me to totally love them. They were an enjoyable wee nibble.

Bengali Fishcakes

This don’t look like much, and when it arrived it wasn’t in any way exciting to look at, but it tasted lovely. There was plenty fish in the fishcake and it was really well flavoured. The free-pouring of raita is a welcomed move. Truthfully, it was lovely but I wouldn’t rush back for either of the starters – I’d probably skip them and double down on the main courses!

Shahi Chasni – with chicken

I absolutely LOVE a chasni and I knew I’d be ordering one before I arrived, as it’s not my go-to order, but I had a total taste for it! Every restaurant and takeaway has their own version and usually you can define a chasni as being creamy, or not. This was the non-creamy variety which was tart and rich. It was absolutely delicious and I wish I’d ordered main course portion rather than tapas size so I could’ve taken some home. The whole lot was absolutely demolished.

Tiger Prawn Balti

A balti is a curry that’s a very popular household name, but it’s one I can’t say I’ve ever tried before. I love any description of fish curry so we gave it a whirl. The prawns were quickly eaten – they were pretty small and not what I’d call tiger prawns personally – I’d hoped for something meatier. The sauce is a very typical Indian curry, and it didn’t have any stand-out flavour characteristics for me to really describe, so I think it’s the kind of curry that anyone would enjoy! Again, I was gutted I didn’t have any to take home as we literally mopped the bowl clean with naan bread!

Lamb Tikka Shashlik

Winner winner, sizzler tikka dinner!

This is the something special I look for in an Indian restaurant: sizzling dishes. There is absolutely NOTHING quite like the perfume and dramatic performance of a dish that comes out like sizzling on a searing hot dish like this! We ordered the Lamb Tikka Shashlik which involved lamb marinaded in yoghurt sitting on top of some seriously tasty roasted onions, peppers and tomatoes. Amazing flavours, which still tasted amazing when the leftovers were reheated back at home. Delicious!

A veritable feast.

*Dessert I Can’t Remember The Name Of*

I am in no way a dessert person – I generally don’t bother too much, but every now and then I get a little hankering for something sweet and I’m so glad I chose this. I think it was called a Chocolate Delight or something to that effect, and I’m not even totally sure about how I’d describe it. The top layers had a very dense, gluey texture, but in a good way, and the bottom was a solid chocolate. It was a mixture of mild and rich chocolate flavours so it wasn’t too rich to eat, and it wasn’t sickly either. It was the nicest chocolate dessert I’ve eaten in a long time.

The Radhuni is a lovely restaurant with stylish, modern decor, a really beautiful banquet table for larger bookings and an extensive menu. On a Tuesday, they do Tapas Tuesday which I did and it offers you small plates to explore their menu a little further. Something I’d definitely like to do again myself and try more and more of their dishes!


The Radhuni

93 Clerk Street, Loanhead, EH20 9RE




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