Buffalo Grill, Edinburgh

My latest visit to Edinburgh was for a trip to the theatre. I asked those of you who follow me on Facebook and Instagram to recommend me restaurants in that general area and Buffalo was the one my friends and I decided on, and I’m so glad! Storm Ciara was absolutely wild, so the fact that this place is right round the corner from The Festival Theatre was a blessing!

Not just that, the food was delicious.

Buffalo Blackened Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese Dip

I’ll start by saying I was a little disappointed with these – not because they weren’t nice, because they were nice, they just weren’t what I expected. In terms of buffalo wings, I was expecting the buffalo sauce which I adore so that straight away disappointed me, but I now realised that they used the name Buffalo after their restaurant, not a sauce! Silly me. When I tried them, they were absolutely lovely wings – just not my preference. The blue cheese dip tasted more of mayonnaise than blue cheese so for me it wasn’t great.

Scottish Smoked Salmon with Oatcakes & Smoked Mackerel Pate

This was absolutely stunning. This smoked salmon was next level – such amazing quality that is rare to find in my experience. It’s very similar to Tobermory smoked trout, which to me is the absolute top product I’ve ever tried, and this salmon was so akin to it. The mackerel pate was delicious too. Totally recommend this dish.

Buffalo Homemade Beef Chilli

This was seriously tasty chilli – as much as I hate to admit it because I love my own home made chilli so much! The steak mince is slow cooked and pulled to give the most stunning texture. The sauce was rich and well flavoured – perfect comfort food on a cold, rainy (and windy!) day.

Buffalo Burger

I didn’t actually try this, but my sister ordered it and she absolutely loved it. If you go to my Instagram you’ll see the delightful yolk porno we shot when she cut into that beauty of an egg!

Teriyaki Rump

This was other-worldly. I’ve never ordered a flavoured steak, probably because I don’t ever recall seeing anywhere offer anything like this. The steak was marinated in a ginger and soy marinade and then seared to perfection. The flavour from it was absolutely incredible.

Surf ‘n’ Turf

Those prawns were absolutely gorgeous! So meaty but also super delicate. I absolutely loved them, and the steak was cooked absolutely perfectly. These guys know what they’re doing with a grill. My whisky cream sauce was beautiful and those fries are fabulous – I either don’t bother with fries/chips or I’m obsessed with them, and these fries triggered the latter!

I also need to mention their sides – we only ordered the two but they were both so good that I’d love to come back and try more. The garlic mushrooms were divine – so buttery and lovely. Speaking of butter, so we’re the garlic breads. Jams Martin level of buttering at this restaurant – I approve!


Buffalo Grill

12-14 Chapel Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9AY





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