My name is Sharon and I’m a wanderlusting foodie from just outside of Glasgow, Scotland! My absolute loves in this life are food and travel – exploring both in tandem is my absolute favourite!

Whenever I find myself without an adventure planned it fills me with sheer sadness! Before my next adventure begins, I’m already wondering “So where next?!”

My posts come from my own honest viewpoint – I only recommend what I truly like, and my travels are all based on my modest budget with a dash of MasterCard and twist of Visa!

The general topics covered in my blog will most likely be:

Food in general.

I am absolutely obsessed with food in general, but brunch holds a special place in my heart – so you’ll find plenty of brunch reviews here! I’m not a morning person, so I’d rather leave breakfast and lunch, and double down on a cracking late morning brunch!

Second to brunching, I’m just a fan of eating out in general! My diet is mostly pescatarian but believe me when I say, there is nothing I won’t at least try, including my January stints as a vegan.

City breaks, road trips and general adventuring.

Pretending I’m rich and going away for a few days, totally spoiling myself silly is something you’ll find on the blog. Massage, champagne, room service? Yes please!

Reality always hits hard when I come home…

Exploring my beloved Scotland…

Exploring further afield…

And general fun and nonsense in any location I visit!

I only write about my positive experiences. I’d rather this site was a hub to share the good places, activities and dishes, and I’ll spare you all the places I haven’t enjoyed!

If you have any questions or would like to work with me, please contact me: