Advertising Disclosure

Don’t worry, I’m very straight forward in terms of advertising as I don’t actually advertise.

I’ll accept invitations, samples and freebies, but they’ll be reviewed in my own words and will only feature on the site if I definitely recommend them.

#GIFTED – All posts which contain any products sent to me which were free or discounted.

#INVITED – Any coverage of launch events, sample evenings or if I’ve stayed/eaten/etc somewhere for free.

#AD – I doubt you’ll ever see this as everything is my own words and opinions. If I ever say this, then I’ll have been offered money to insert certain words or sentences into my posts. If that is the case, please be assured that I mean them as if I didn’t I’d refuse entirely.

Affiliate Links – I don’t have any of those. Any links in this blog are purely to show you the products I’m referring to for your sheer convenience!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me: