PR Information

Advertising Disclosure

#GIFTED – All blog, Instagram and Twitter posts which contain anything I’ve been given discounted or free.

#INVITED – Any coverage of launch events/sample evenings.

I don’t use any affiliate links – any links in this blog are purely to show you the products I’m referring to for your sheer convenience.


This is a personal blog about food, drink and travel – there are no guest posts/inserted scripts.

The format for any content will generally be:

  • A review of a restaurant/cafe/etc.
  • A blog post about a holiday, city break, hotel stay, spa breaks, bed and breakfast, excursions.
  • A blog post detailing an event I have attended (food shows, street food, markets).
  • A recipe
  • A sampling of or launch of a new menu.

Blog posts are only written about positive experiences. Full feedback on my reasons for not writing a blog post is offered on those rare occasions where an experience has not been satisfactory.


I’m based near Glasgow but I am happy and willing to travel far and wide!

Press Releases & Samples

I have no interest in/use for press releases.

I accept samples for showing on social media if I enjoy them, or if you wish I can include them in a recipe post. I do not write stand alone product reviews.


I rarely charge fees but when I have done, they are calculated based on the cost to me of writing the blog post.