Brunch at McPhabb’s, Glasgow

Once again I was beckoned to brunch!

I’ve never properly tried out McPhabb’s, aside of a few nibbles a few years ago. I’d heard great things about their breakfast and brunch options, so when Pam suggested we meet there I was keen to sample the goods on their new menu!

I was pretty delicate from the night before and felt wired after one coffee. I decided to go for some refreshing vitamin-filled juice and some comfort food! They do actually offer  a hangover breakfast option, which under normal circumstances I’d have taken up, but a Bloody Mary followed by bottomless coffee cups would have destroyed me that day!

I am so pleased with my choice. It was gorgeous.

Eggs en Cocotte with Mushroom, Spinach & Gruyere, served with truffled soldiers.

My poor motor skills and partially disabled brain function ensured that I dribbled a fair bit of the cream sauce on myself – it could have been slightly thicker! That said though, it was just so rich and delicious. The truffled soldiers were absolutely perfect for soaking, dipping and dunking.

Pam had the amazing idea of ordering some rosemary fries on the side. I’m not a big fan of rosemary, but these are really lightly flavoured and are really crispy chips. I really liked them! They were also delicious when dunked in my creamy goo.



Unfortunately I couldn’t really enjoy it as much as I normally would have because it was so rich and chocolatey, with sweet caramel sauce. A really indulgent dessert. The strawberries were all I could manage apart from tasting it, but next time I go, I will give it the full force of my sweet tooth! What a work of art!

I definitely want to come back to McPhabb’s as soon as they’ve finished their refurb and continue sampling the menu. Any place where the staff take pity on my hangover, feed me and I can park right outside the door in Glasgow is a place I want to frequent!


McPhabb’s Bar & Restaurant
23 Sandyford Place
Charing Cross
G3 7NG

0141 221 8176



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