Singl-end Bakehouse, Glasgow

Brunch is my favourite. I just enjoy the experience of eating a late breakfast, especially if I don’t have to cook it myself.

My absolute favourite place to do this is Singl-end. I blogged about Singl-end over a year ago when I first tried it but WordPress destroyed my images (some of you will remember my furious ranting on Twitter). I feel that after a year of my love and admiration for their food, they deserve replacement post! 

Over the past year since I first tried my beloved Singl-end, very little has changed. Specifically, my order.  
Singl-end is a bake house which can be found just off Charing Cross (on the city centre side). You know that way you know somewhere is amazing purely from the photos on Instagram? That’s how I felt about Singl-end before I even tried it.
And it’s not just the Instagram-popular savoury dishes…The cakes. Oh, THE CAKES.
Exhibit A:

Everything just looks so perfect and colourful and delicious. I stood for a fair amount of time just enjoying the scenery. I have to comment/praise them on their range of ‘free from’ ingredients. Gluten and dairy free as well as vegan/allergen options are aplenty!

Exhibit B:

Their daily salads, tarts and breads are all divine. If it’s on when you’re in, definitely try the roasted aubergine salad! As for bread, their focaccia is like no other focaccia I’ve ever eaten as it is so doughy – I absolutely love it.

Meaty Baked Eggs

This stunning dish is available meat free and also gluten free. The eggs are oven baked in a casserole of homemade pork and fennel sausage, cannellini beans, tomato and chilli. It is served with your choice of bread – I always opt for the focaccia unless their bread of the day catches my eye (beetroot and feta scones are the ONE).   

Back to the eggs: as you can see it’s  absolutely stunning to look at and mouthwateringly delicious to eat. My friend made a fairly sensible suggestion that it would serve two people but I shooshed her. I ain’t sharing this with nobody.  

Now: an insider tip. Add cheese. After I chose the feta and beetroot muffin as my bread, the match of feta with the baked eggs was just perfect! I have experimented with feta and also their Halloumi which is available as the vegetarian version of the dish. But why swap sausages for cheese when you can have both?!

Both are amazing additions, but I have to say feta cheese is just the best for me. It’s just outrageously delicious!

Oven Baked Ham, Tomato & Gruyere Sandwich on Sourdough

A contender for my Meaty Egg obsession! The bread has that perfect crunch but also a niceness to it that comes from good Sourdough, and the toppings are so simple and straightforward yet utterly delicious. It’s the most perfect posh roasted cheese! 

Singl-end absolutely is worthy of the hype – I am a repeat customer who always orders the same thing. That says something as it’s rare for me to repeat visit a place and order the same thing every time as I like to explore both venues and menus! But Singl-end is truly special. One day I’ll branch out and try the rest of their menu…one day!

January 2019 update: I became a vegan for a month and sought out Singl-end as somewhere I could trust! Their Vegan Breakfast is GORGEOUS. And not just for vegan food, it’s legit tasty as a dish.

So what are we looking at here? Sourdough bread with a vegan spread, served with…

Their home made baked beans…

Roasted sweet potato, red onion sautéed with spinach…

Guacamole, roasted cherry tomatoes and roasted chestnut mushrooms.

Absolutely delicious and completely guilt free (…if you believe in all that nonsense…)



265 Renfrew St


G3 6TT

0141 353 1277



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      1. I can imagine it is very easy to order the same thing every time. I had the baked eggs with goats cheese from the daily specials first time, so had to have something different this time. Have been dying to try their eggs bennie though. Glad I did.

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