The Two Fat Ladies at The Buttery, Glasgow

2013 saw the assembly of the BBC Good Food Scotland bloggers team, and yours truly was invited to join with some other fantastic bloggers. Our first team meeting with the boss lady took place in The Two Fat Ladies at The Buttery which is on the west end of Argyll Street.


This beautiful restaurant is hidden pretty well. Argyll street is one of the most well known streets in Glasgow, so I assumed that finding it was be easy – no no, turn the Sat Nav on! We took lefts and rights through what seemed like a labyrinth and eventually turned the final corner to see the restaurant!


I was early, the sun was shining…I figured ‘why not?’



The restaurant is gorgeous inside – it has a very old fashioned, grand feel to it with the polished wood, tartan chairs and couches and my personal favourite, was the tea spoon collection encased in their bar tables. The restaurant has trinkets and little details all over that grabbed my attention, but it wasn’t cluttered.


Domaine Horgelus Sauvignon and Gros Manseng 2012

We ordered a lovely white wine to accompany our food. It was medium bodied, dry and quite tangy. It was perfect for the sunny day.



Soup of the Day – Cream of Mushroom

I started with mushroom soup. I find it hard to say a lot about soup to be honest, unless of course it’s terrible. It was lovely! As lovely as a mushroom soup could ever hope to be!


Pan fried fillet of Sea Bream in sautéed potatoes on tomato, dill & Balsato butter


Side of Roasted Vegetables

This was gorgeous. The fish was so fresh. Loosely attached to the crispy skin was beautifully flaky fish. What is Balsato butter? My honest answer is that I don’t know. What I can tell you is that it was a gorgeous herb and spice mixture which gave a soft Moroccan vibe. It was beautiful.



Choux Bun with Tia Maria Chantilly cream & milk chocolate mocha sauce

After the potato based main course, I was fit to burst and had decided I wouldn’t bother with a dessert. Until I was struck in my Achilles heel: pastry. Choux pastry. It was as light as air, yet held its own in the flavour department. The cream softened the chocolate, coffee and liqueur but carried them nicely. If it wasn’t such a nice restaurant I’d have liked that bowl clean!



Tea & Petit Fours

As we were finishing our tea and cakes, we were approached by a staff member and they asked if we were interested in hearing about Two Fat Ladies’ work with PlanBee Ltd. I was intrigued!




They showed us the inside of the hive; it was fascinating to hold and look at up close. They have had the two colonies on the roof of the restaurant for almost a year and they are thriving. Each colony provides a yield of 10kg of beautiful honey per year which is packaged with their own labels in 225g jars which they gift to regular customers. The fall in bee population is a global problem (if you’ve seen Bee Movie then you’ll appreciate how bad that is!) so every little bit helps. I love this – Eco friendly and also it just makes the place that bit more special!

I can’t fault The Two Fat Ladies. I only have one thing to mention and it’s advice: watch the step when going to the toilet. They have a sign and the staff make a point of warning you, but the bugger will still get you.

There are several restaurants across Glasgow as well as their new restaurant in Troon which recently opened. I will definitely be giving them a try, as each restaurant has its own special character. As a seafood fanatic I must get my hands on their seafood specialist locations! Hmmmm…Troon or Glasgow?


Two Fat Ladies at The Buttery

652-654 Argyle Street,


G3 8UF

(0141) 221 8188



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