Bubbles & Brunch @ Hutcheson’s Glasgow

“Brunch without booze is just a sad, late breakfast”
– Hutcheson’s

I am a fan of a wee brunch. Usually it involves a certain Glasgow Food Geek. This was no different in that respect, but it was different in the sense that it was pretty special. Which, realistically, you’d expect from Hutcheson’s! I reviewed them for a dinner I had there and also a fabulous round of cocktails (see the post here), so I had high hopes for my Bubbles ‘n’ Brunch, and I wasn’t disappointed!

As is customary: I started brunch with a latte. I’d had a late night the night before so this was absolutely crucial.

Our first course was some freshly made croissants with Hutcheson’s famous maple butter and a selection of preserves. I didn’t taste the preserves because the croissant was so gorgeously buttery that it didn’t need anything added. I added a little maple butter though. I’m a butteraholic.

Then the liquids started to flow. Mostly saliva, but in addition to our drooling faces, our freshly squeezed orange juice and Vaporetto Prosecco was served. We sipped away as we decided on our menu choice. They have 8 options to choose from – and they’re all very tempting brunch dishes. They don’t offer anything particularly wild so it’s really easy to order here!

What a spread! I absolutely love my Eggs Royale, but I managed a bit of food envy when I saw the avocado on toast and the pancakes!

Eggs Royale  

Smoked salmon, poached egg, toasted muffin & hollandaise sauce. Practically prefect in every way.

Tart Fine Aux Pommes

I was literally fit for bursting so (even after a 10-15 minute breather) I was absolutely unable to manage a dessert. I really pushed the boat out to try a piece of this beautiful apple tart with cinnamon ice cream. It was absolutely beautiful and I really wish I could’ve eaten more!

Hutcheson’s is definitely one my top places to go in Glasgow. The building is absolutely stunning – the ceiling in the upstairs restaurant never fails to take my breath away, and every part of it is just stunning. The bubbles & brunch package is £40 per pair, which is pretty expensive so for me it would only be a brunch option for a special occasion, because it sure was special. Whether you try Hutcheson’s for a few rounds of cocktails, a meal or a snack, I guarantee you’ll be impressed.


Hutcheson’s Bar & Brasserie

158 Ingram Street

Glasgow G1 1EJ

0141 5524050




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