The Elphinstone, Biggar 


Returning home from Canada was a heartbreaking process. After a couple of days of lying on my couch eating tomato soup to soothe my jet lag, I found myself back at work. Luckily, I’d planned a visit to The Elphinstone in Biggar for a midweek treat! Biggar isn’t somewhere I’d normally  choose for dinner as it’s a bit far away, but the run in the car was perfect! 

Deep Fried Brie with Cranberry

As a child, I learned that deep fried Brie was a wonderful thing. I was on the Isle of Islay with my gran and sister, and we’d never heard of such a thing. We ordered it every day and on our last day we were told they’d run out because of us! This deep fried Brie took me back to warm memories of crispy breadcrumbs and a river of gorgeous, oozing cheese.

Mushroom Crostini

The word crostini gives an illusion of toasts, so this dish was a tiny bit disappointing as it was served on garlic bread – which was totally fine, but it tasted like bought in garlic bread. It was still really tasty, but I’d have definitely preferred a home made garlic bread or crostini – when you can taste that it’s shop-bought it takes away from it!

Haddock & Prawn Mornay

Firstly: the photo is horrific, I know. In person it did look much better, but realistically, a pub mornay is never going to be an Instagram dish! You order it for the taste! The comfort of potato and cheese! And that’s what I got – it tasted absolutely lovely – so again – sorry about the picture! This mornay  was really tasty and had plenty fish in it. I really enjoyed it – proper comfort food! 

Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni 

This photo looks the part, and the taste matched. The innards of the cannelloni were stuffed with a spinach, walnut and ricotta mixture which was made from scratch (hence my crostini disappointment). The ragu was absolutely gorgeous – hearty and rich tomato sauce. And they didn’t skimp on the cheese on top! Spot on!   

Biggar isn’t necessarily on my doorstep, but that’s what I liked about this night. My friend and I were in casual clothes, had a good blether in the car there and back (it’s about 40mins each way) and enjoyed the lovely scenery. It was just a nice little casual pub dinner excursion during the week! Check out the sky:

Perfect after a hectic day!


145 High Street, Biggar, ML12 6DL

01899 220044



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