Hutcheson’s Bar & Brasserie, Glasgow

I’d go as far to say that  Hutchesons holds the most iconic building in the Merchant City area. At least for me it is; it’s stunning. I nicked the first few photographs from their website to show off how truly beautiful and grand the building is.



Even from the street, Hutchesons is somewhere to visit! It’s absolutely gorgeous.  If you’re not going for a meal, I’d recommend it as a venue for drinks. I’ve been in for a few drinks and their cocktails are something a bit different and taste absolutely gorgeous!


 Wasabi Popcorn

The bar offers the savoury popcorn – I’m not sure if it’s always wasabi flavoured.  I really liked it when I didn’t think I would as wasabi isn’t usually to my taste. The cocktails are reasonably priced for the quality of them but Hutcheson’s have an amazing £5 drinks promotions for selected cocktails during the week (and also offer a happy hour on oysters) so it’s a great cocktail bar!

  The Refresco – Beefeater gin, Aperl, lemon juice, mint & Prosecco.

 Icelandic Tea Fizz – Reyka vodka, St Germain elderflower liquor, lemon juice, cucumber, sugar, bitters & soda.

   Wil P. Taylor Daiquiri – Havana Club Especial, apricot brandy, pineapple, lime & sugar. 
   Don Jalisco – Tapataio blanco tequila, lychee liqueur, St Germain elderflower liquor, lime & sugar with a salt-rimmed glass.

For my main meal here, we were seated in the upstairs brasserie which is absolutely stunning inside (to be honest, the entire place is stunning inside and out!). I have a thing with ceilings and  this one didn’t disappoint. I spent most of my evening gazing at it and losing track of conversations.


We were seated at our table where we could admire the subtle stained glass windows, grandeur of the chandeliers and of course, the ceiling. Look at my happy wee face.

I’m always happy when there’s good food, good champagne and good company involved. The light on my right eye makes me look slightly demented.

  Hello lover.

Bread is my dinner downfall. I could easily eat the entire thing myself and ruin my meal. What makes this bread particularly lethal is the maple butter it was served with. Yes, you read me correctly: maple, as in maple syrup, butter. It tasted exactly like maple syrup had been whipped into it and I’m not joking, it was addictive!

Some of you will have heard of Tomahawk steaks from The Butchershop, and as Hutcheson’s is the classy sister of The Butchers, they share the same wonderful steak. These bad boys need to be reserved in advance and are absolutely glorious hunks of goodness. By ‘goodness’, I mean 45 day dry-aged, 1.2 kilo, bone-in-rib steaks kinda goodness!

  Hand Dived Isle of Mull Baked Scallops

This was even more delicious than it looks, and that’s saying something! The shell contained a decadent mixture of champit (mash) potatoes, wilted spinach, and was deliciously coated in chablis beurre blanc with peas and leek throughout. I would order this as a main course – it was absolute perfection.

 Ladies and gentlemen….the almighty Tomahawk!

  My humble fillet steak with bearnaise.

  Crab Macaroni Cheese
  Creamed Cabbage, Leeks & Bacon   Glazed Chantenay Carrots

The food!

I dropped my fork on the floor the minute all of this arrived at the table through sheer excitement. I can’t even explain the agony of sitting waiting on my replacement fork whilst everyone else tucked in and made the most ungodly sounds of pleasure.

When I did get to eat my food I was in heaven – Hutcheson’s has the exact calibre of steak dinners as my favourite, The Butchershop, but their sides are different. I might go as far as saying they’re almost better – the crab macaroni is absolutely amazing (where the macaroni in Butchershop isn’t to my taste at all, surprisingly), and the cabbage, leek and bacon combination was so full of flavour – it really compliments a steak. I now want to be a food diva and demand that Hutcheson’s and Butchershop have some of each others’ sides so that I can gorge and die happy.

I will definitely be back for more!



158 Ingram Street


G1 1EJ

(0141) 5524050



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