The Sandwicherie of New York 

If I haven’t mentioned it before, I will now: I LOVE sandwiches! On day two of our trip the sun was scorching and the second day of The Classic East awaited us.

And I really wanted a sandwich.

After much research, I found the sandwich shop that I had decided was the one for us and as it was just past Grand Central Station, I figured we could take a nice walk in the sun, take a peak at the gorgeous station and then grab lunch. I love this station so much, especially that turquoise ceiling! 

After a sunny walk to work up our appetite, we were ready for the Sandwicherie of New York! 

If you’ve ever eaten with me then you’ll understand how overwhelmed by choice I can get. This place had so many gorgeous pre-made sandwiches, and suggestions on the boards, and a pick ‘n’ mix deli bar. It took a while for me to decide, and after considering various salads, hot dishes, wraps baguettes and whatnot, we each settled upon a sandwich and some ice cold frozen drinks.

We totally recommend the frozen raspberry lemonade and the iced latte. 

Cajun Chicken

This was a really flavoursome sandwich – like a fajita had been chopped into a sandwich filling. The small chunks of onions, peppers and beautifully seasoned chicken in a herby roll. It was very tasty but also very heavy and filling! Big shout out to the pickles as well – they were just wonderful. 

Country Chicken

This was absolute perfection. The chicken was mixed in a wonderful mayonnaise with black pepper, spring onion and tiny pieces of celery (which I hate, but they were tiny enough to be part of something wonderful. It was a substantial sandwich, but at the same time it was light and fresh. 

What made this experience end perfectly was walking back along to Bryant Park and finishing my iced latte and his raspberry lemonade in the warm sunshine and enjoying this gorgeous little square of the city. 

Sandwicherie of New York 

202 E 42nd Street

New York




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