Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, Brooklyn NY

Our last day in New York was spent doing a bit of sightseeing. As it was Barry’s first time in the city, we decided to get the train downtown and snoop around there!

We took the ferry to Staten Island and back for a swatch of the Statue of Liberty and to catch some of the beautiful summer rays…

Then walked the Brooklyn bridge. I’ve walked it before, and I have to say I just love it! The bridge itself is gorgeous, but the views are just spectacular!

We were very amused by this sign but also upset by it. I really wanted to leave a padlock like the hopeless romantic I am! 

We had arrived! 

There was a long queue – about a 30-40 minute wait to get inside. Normally queueing is something we utterly despise. But, we figured that if the pizza was so good that the restaurant had a queueing system…we’d make an exception! The man organising the queue was super organised and took people based on group size so the queue was very efficiently handled!

Chicken, Peppers, Mozarella & Basil

Pepperoni, Italian Sausage &Jalapeños


It was worth the walk and the wait for such absolutely gorgeous pizza! The base was perfectly baked to be a little doughy, but also lovely and crispy – loaded with tons of cheese and toppings which were so fresh and delicious. 

The only downside was that Barry couldn’t get a cold beer which he’d been fantasising about the entire way across the Brooklyn bridge! Their licence was pending so hopefully next time we go this won’t be an issue! 

We Ubered back across the water to the island to visit the 9/11 memorial centre. I also really wanted to find The Survivor Tree as I didn’t see it the first time I came here. 

We then decided to go up the One World Trade Center and visit the observatory. This is something I completely recommend. Oh my. The 360° views of New York City are just not to be missed. I absolutely loved it. 

As it was a hot day, we decided to hit up a cute bar with a lovely rooftop beer garden  (The Brass Monkey) which we found earlier that weekend whisky waking The High Line – see my post here, and decided to enjoy their (entire) cocktail menu and the sunset. 

Cute isn’t he?


Grimaldis Pizzeria

1 Front Street 



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