Käfer Dachgarten Restaurant, Berlin 

This was quite easily my favourite part of our trip to Berlin – who doesn’t love a fancy brunch with a glass of bubbly before noon?!

We made our way to the Reichstag Building which is the Parliament’s meeting place in Berlin.

Because of this, you have to register 24 hours prior to your intended visit with your name and personal details. When you arrive they’ll ask for ID and you’ll pass through their security procedures.

I’d recommend that you arrive 10 minutes early for your breakfast reservation to allow for this and also queuing for the elevator up to the roof.

We had already planned what to order so as soon as we arrived our order was placed and the drinks were served. A nice and prompt start!

I ordered the ‘Feel Good Breakfast’ which is a breakfast package. The amount of food and drink you get for the €29.50 is SO generous. It was too much for me, so in future I would order it again and ensure the person with me doesn’t so we can share most of it! Let’s take a look at what I got…

The scrambled eggs were absolute perfection. I haven’t stopped eating scramblers since I got home!

Yogurt with mixed berry compote & fruit salad.

Assorted pastries with jam, honey, and whipped butter.

This stack had three plates:

Fish plate: Smoked salmon with honey dill sauce.

Meat plate: Beef ham, slices of poultry breast with lemon pepper, air-dried ham, turkey salami, roast beef and Spianata salami.

Again, the portions were too generous for me so I barely touched this plate apart from tasting everything! Everything had a flavour of honey to it, so I’m thinking that they perhaps do their own smoking/drying/cooking of their cold meats in the kitchen.

Cheese plate: Tête de Moine, Bavarian blue cheese, Picandou & Emmental 

The Swiss cheese, Tête de Moine, was my favourite. It was visually interesting because of the way it’s cut to almost look like a bouquet, but most importantly it tasted gorgeous in the scrambled egg!

My sister ordered the ‘Fit for Berlin’ option on the menu which looked like this:

On a bed of rocket were slices of  baked pumpkin, a poached egg and then various salad flavourings. They used a very interesting mixture of flavours to offset the sweetness of the pumpkin: whipped chickpea cream, pumpkin seeds, buckwheat and grilled mushrooms. It was delicious but not something I could’ve eaten huge amounts of, so both of us took to picking and mixing between the MANY options on the table!

We then took to the terrace  to take in the beautiful misty morning view of the city.

As we were on the roof of the building, we took a wander to the top of the Reichstag Dome to experience the 360° views of Berlin which were gorgeous, especially as the mist had lifted and the crisp blue sky was out.

I can absolutely recommend starting a day this way if you visit Berlin – when you finish, you’re in the perfect place to walk along to the Tiergarten and see the memorials and gardens, or down to the Brandenburg Gate and various other tourist spots. Perfect!


Käfer Dachgarten Restaurant, Platz der Republik 1, 10557 Berlin


+49 302262990


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