1906 restaurant at Trump Turnberry Luxury Resort 


When you’re staying in a luxury resort right on the coast of Scotland and you’re a seafood lover – you know it’s going to be a good time, don’t you?

I got what I expected here: some seriously tasty scottish fare! I’m going to do a separate post on my overall stay here, but I’ll give you a little preview of the hotel while I talk about the glorious food!

When you arrive at Turnberry you’re instantly greeted by the most stunning building and views. I remember driving past for the first time years ago and wishing I could go inside! It was exhilarating to finally see it! 

Prior to dinner we made ourselves comfortable in the bar. I’m an absolute sucker for chandeliers, bars fully stocked with liquor and big windows. Check, check, and check. As much as I’m a cosy interior kinda gal, they absolute have me with their set up. It’s sleek, elegant and still retains a classic look. 

I love that the bar is fashioned out of a fireplace!

Botanic Garden – The Botanist, elderflower, Basil, cucumber, rosemary and thyme.

A herby cocktail seems fitting for me, doesn’t it? Added to that, this cocktail indulged my obsession with cucumber – I was delighted. 

L: Turnberry Preserve: Absolut, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, lime.

R: Golfer’s Widow – Bacardi Superior, watermelon, pineapple, strawberry, lime

Trump Winery, Blanc de Blanc Brut (2010)

We started dinner with a couple of glasses of Donny’s sparkling wine. It was nice – crisp and fresh and a perfectly acceptable sparkling wine.

Amuse bouche – seafood chowder

We both ordered seafood but this was a very welcome surprise addition to our menu for the night! Gorgeous chunks of haddock, mussels, potato and broad beans coated in a silky cream soup.

You can see how dark that picture is, and that was one of my good pictures of the meal(!) mine were typically poor iPhone photos, and the restaurant isn’t the kind of place where you’d want to set off a flash!

For that reason, I emailed the hotel and asked for pictures to be taken of the dishes we ordered for this blog post.

Sound of Kilbrannan Scallops

This was a simple and tasty dish from the water across from the hotel! You can’t get more local than that!  The scallops were plump and cooked beautifully, and glued to the plate with watercress purée and decorated with chicken crackling and an assortment of farmed & wild peas.

Barwheys Beastie Gnocchi

This was such a comforting dish and the portion was perfect. I could’ve eaten moreas it  was so delicious but it would’ve been too filling! The gorgeous confit rabbit, scottish chanterelles and broadbeans were coated in a velvety butter sauce. A hearty autumnal dish!

Venison Loin & Haunch

This was just so beautiful to look at. And eat. Those seasonal colours and flavours! Blushing and tender venison served with squash, salsify, red cabbage & brambles. I had to google salsify when I saw it on the menu as I’d never heard of it before – in the picture it’s the parsnip-looking stick on top – and it’s essentially a skinny parsnip! This was a truly beautiful dish.

Lobster Thermidor with Brandy & Arran Mustard

The restaurant couldn’t provide me with a picture of this dish as the lobster season is now over – it ended sooner than anticipated this year.  I was loathed to use my own picture because this was the most delicious lobster I’ve even eaten, and the picture is  terrible! 

The lobster itself was cooked to perfection – I have never enjoyed lobster more. The brandy and mustard is so subtle – they added a gorgeous richness to the taste without being clearly identifiable themselves which I’m pleased about. I love mustard, but I didn’t want to taste it!  When they have lobster back on the menu it’s an absolute must-try! I didn’t take a picture of their Smoked Paprika Salt & Thyme Fries – they’re are good as they sound! Especially with some lobster. I’m salivating writing this.

As for wines, the amazing sommelier,  Sumith, helped us out with our drinks.  He even gave us a tour of his wine store! He is such a sweet and friendly man – we had great fun with him! 

 I had a few glasses for the J Moreau & Fils Chablis (2016) which was absolutely amazing – I have been a bit funny with wine for the past year but I could’ve easily drank the whole bottle! It was such a fruity fresh wine; absolutely delicious. My handsome date had red wine and neither of us can remember what one. If you order the venison then I’m sure Sumith will tell you which one is best!

L: Bellini – creme de peche, peach purée & Bolla Prosecco

R: Ailsa Breeze, Hendricks gin, elderflower cordial, lime, mint, cucumber & ginger ale

We were too full for dessert so we decided to finish off with some more of the delicious cocktails, much to the upset of the chef who wanted to feed us more! 

Next time, eh?


Turnberry, Ayrshire, Scotland, KA26 9LT

0165 5331000




5 thoughts on “1906 restaurant at Trump Turnberry Luxury Resort 

    1. Yes, I absolutely did and with recent events I’d considered removing my post as there is definitely a level of discomfort I feel. My one reason for going ahead was that the people who built Turnberry, and the people who work there daily aren’t Trump. It’s a beautiful Scottish building, filled with talented hard-working people who can’t help who bought their place of work. I know very little about who owns any of the places I dine/stay and be fact that Trump is so ubiquitous is to the disadvantage of those particular people who do their absolute best. I in no way support Trump, and I really wish he didn’t own Turnberry. But I can’t say a bad word about the staff there and the experience I had. It pains me to say that Trump did a good thing by rescuing it from the previous owner who was destroying it, even though I hate the man.


      1. Thanks for your honest reply. I have to say that – while I’m a big fan of your blog – I had a pretty strong initial reaction to seeing this review. Even discounting Trump’s disgusting politics, his history in Scotland is pretty reprehensible (have you seen the documentary ‘You’ve Been Trumped’?). I would personally find it very difficult just now to hand over any money to anything with his name on it without feeling it was somehow supporting / validating him. Sorry, its not my intention to preach at all (although accept that I’m probably coming across that way), and I do agree that the talent of the staff there can and should be recognised, but I just had a hard time with this one.

        I’m somewhat of a hypocrite in any case, I had dinner at Jean Georges a couple of years ago… 😦


      2. Don’t worry, I’m taking your message in the spirit intended and believe me, I TOTALLY agree with you. I’ll be honest, I’m not familiar with Trump’s past in Scotland apart from a vague memory of the air turbines – I’m not well versed in politics or current affairs at all. I’ll try and find the documentary! Regardless of Trump, I stand by review of the place and still believe that boycotting Turnberry wouldn’t hurt him, it’d hurt our own!


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